So, a couple of months ago I started noticing the same hashtag appearing in my twitter timeline. Over and over again – alongside promotions for book and authors I saw this hashtag #RRBC, and before too long I had to find out what it was all about. It seemed to be everywhere… but what or who was it?

It didn’t take too much effort to discover the origins of RRBC and I quickly landed upon the website of Rave Reviews Book Club.

RRBCAh… so it was a book club… cool! But not JUST a book club. Yes the members read books but really that is just scratching the surface of it… This bookclub is (on a very basic level) by authors and for authors – cause as we all know (or painfully learn) writing the book is actually the easy part. Then you have to get people to buy it – but why would they when they’ve never heard of you?

This is where RRBC really excels.

It gets people names and books out there. No, there is no guarantee of any results – but what you can be sure of is one hell of a lot of support.

What’s the catch you may ask. It’s very simple – you get out what you put in.

If you want the support from the club then all you have to do is offer your support to the other members… let’s face it – why should anyone promote your work if you’re not willing to do your fair share of promoting back?

It took me a week or so of visiting the RRBC website before I decided to take the plunge and sign up and it wasn’t very long before I was seeing my book appearing in my twitter feed with #RRBC alongside it.

Now it’s early days and I’m not going to claim I’ve become a best selling author overnight (I wish), but I can certainly see the benefits of membership and who knows – one day I might be awarded one of the coveted spots of Member of the Month, or Book of the Month, or one of the other ways authors get an extra boost from time to time.

So if this little post has made you wonder if Rave Reviews Book Club is for you – well if you want help promoting your work and you’re prepared to help others do the same then yes it is! If you want to sign up with no intentions of putting some work in to share the work of fellow members then this probably isn’t the place for you – but you’d certainly be missing out!

Now… how about going to buy my book… but if mine doesn’t appeal to you why not check out the others listed on RRBC site – and keep an eye out for #RRBC on twitter – it could be telling you about your next favourite author!!

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