Slivers of Life – Book Review

Another book read and another review to share with you lovely folks 🙂

This time we have “Slivers of Life” by Beem Weeks

SliverBook Blurb: These twenty short stories are a peek into individual lives caught up in spectacular moments in time. Children, teens, mothers, and the elderly each have stories to share. Readers witness tragedy and fulfilment, love and hate, loss and renewal. Historical events become backdrops in the lives of ordinary people, those souls forgotten with the passage of time. Beem Weeks tackles diverse issues running the gamut from Alzheimer’s disease to civil rights, abandonment to abuse, from young love to the death of a child. Long-hidden secrets and notions of revenge unfold at the promptings of rich and realistic characters; plot lines often lead readers into strange and dark corners. Within Slivers of Life, Weeks proves that everybody has a story to tell-and no two are ever exactly alike.

Rating:  4/5

My Thoughts:  The title of this book seems the perfect way to describe this collection of stories. Each one a quick peak into another life, a sliver of time, before we leave them to carry on without us. There are many different themes within these tales, each one well written and a fully rounded story in its own right. There were a couple I would say I didn’t quite “get”, some that had the “I didn’t see that coming” element, and many that will raise a smile or a tear. One of my favourites had to be the initial story “A Match Met” and I adored the reflective feel of “Bigfoot Was My Father”.

All together this is a great collection of shorts and a wonderful introduction to Beem’s writing, which has certainly made me keen on reading something a little longer of his.

A perfect book for when you want a good read but don’t have the time to get involved with a long novel, or if you just want a good read full stop! 🙂