Random Facts

Below is a list of random facts I have discovered or been told – I will add to this as new ones come to my attention – any contributions to the list will be most welcome.

Note: some of these may only be applicable in the UK

The best before date on a packet of crisps is always a Saturday (I just know you will be checking this on the next packet you eat – I did)

It is illegal to carry a tin of paint on a bus

Fingertips get wrinkly in the bath when the rest of your skin doesn’t to give you more grip when wet

The spelling of William Shakespeare’s name was not spelled any single way during his lifetime. So if you ever spell it wrong – don’t worry, it seems he didn’t know how to spell it either.

If you type askew into google it goes… well askew! (Go on you know you want to try it)

Disclaimer: I cannot confirm the validity of all of the above facts, they are just those I have gleaned over time from various sources and people and found them interesting, amusing or just plain weird.

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