Book Review – The Other Son (Christmas bonus)

Well not so long ago I wrote a review for Nick Alexander’s brilliant “The Other Son” – which you can read here, and then didn’t he go and write a little bonus extra as a special christmas present to all the fans who loved the book… so of course I had to review that too 🙂

The Other Son (Christmas Bonus) by Nick Alexander

Book Blurb: DO NOT READ THIS STORY if you haven’t read The Other Son yet. CONTAINS SPOILERS.
Other2This is a mini-sequel to The Other Son, a little gift (short-story length – 40 printed pages) for all those readers who have been begging to know what happens next.

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts: Well there isn’t much of a book description to this and I guess that’s because there isn’t much of a book – and by that I mean purely in terms of quantity rather than quality… to be honest even if this little bonus had been another full novel it wouldn’t have been enough!

As it says in the description you do need to read the main book before treating yourself to this lovely little extra. All too often when you finish a book you really enjoyed you just *wish* there was a bit more – and this time there was. Nick let us have just a bit more time with the characters we had come to care for and get a hint of the “what happens next” in the story. I have to admit to shedding a tear or two when I got to the end of this bonus – it was a joy to see where the characters lifes had gone since we last saw them and a true pleasure to join them for Christmas.

This was a real Christmas treat (despite it being January now 😉 )  Thanks Nick!