Shadow of the Drill Book Review

So you lovely folk have you had yourselves a nice Easter?  Nobody got too sick from over indulgence of chocolate I hope 🙂

My indulgence this weekend has been of the literary kind and I have just this moment finished reading “Shadow of the Drill” by Rhani D’Chae.

Book Blurb: A Gritty and Violent Thriller.

drillA brutal experience transforms an unproven young tough into a ruthless killing machine.
For fifteen years he waited, building his body into an unstoppable weapon so that vengeance would be had through the strength of his will and the power of his hands.

On the bloodstained streets of a northwestern city, the enforcer known as the Drill stalks his prey. Judge, Jury, and Executioner; he seeks out those who target the weak, condemning them to the kind of justice that has made him a legend.

Rating: 5/5

My Thoughts: Welcome to the world of Decker (also known as The Drill), his partner in crime (often literally) Rudy, and the woman who loves him despite herself, Charlene.

If you are looking for a gentle, easy read then walk away now, no don’t walk.. RUN!! There is nothing easy about the world that Decker and Co inhabit. It is a world of violence, death and sex… often at the same time.

Anyone who crosses The Drill will pay, and that payment will be hard and it will be brutal and only one of them will walk away alive.

Decker is one of those characters that you shouldn’t like, but you do. He is violent, often to psychopathic levels, takes murder and violence in his stride and clearly enjoys dishing out his form of vengeance and justice. Yet there is something appealing about him. He is a man driven by demons desperate to exact revenge on the men whose crime forced him to become the person he is. His loyalty to those he cares about knows no bounds and that loyalty is returned to him in equal measure. You are left in no doubt that Decker and Rudy would lay down their lives for each other if the need arose without a seconds hesitation.

This is a hard-hitting, powerful and dark read. The violence is often graphic but never comes across as gratuitous. This is a brutal world and the brutality is skilfully portrayed making it impossible to look away, even if you wanted to!

Overall a completely enthralling read, the characters are flawed and damaged and at times pretty terrifying but it is impossible not to get drawn into their dark world as each heart racing scene unfolds and you wonder if anyone can really get out of this story alive!

I fully look forward to the sequel!


Let’s Talk Book Clubs by Mae Clair: Rave Reviews Book Club #RRBC

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Book Review – Haunted Hearts

Thanks to the wonderful Rave Reviews Book Club I am discovering many new books and authors I might never have discovered before… and here is another one

My latest read was Haunted Hearts (#1: A Lana Malloy Paranormal Mystery) by Kim Cox

HauntedHeartsBook Blurb: Will Lana Malloy solve the twenty-year-old double murder of her great aunt and her great aunt’s fiancé by Memorial Day? If she can, they’ll spend eternity together; if she can’t, they’ll be stuck as Haunted Hearts for another year.

Rating: 4/5

My thoughts: This is the first of Kim Cox’s books I have read and although it’s only short (described as a novella) it’s a lot of fun.

This light hearted read follows a new Private Investigator Lana Malloy on her first case – to find the killer of her great aunt and her fiancĂ© . Unlike most murder investigations Lana has the added help of in the shape of the victim!  Lana’s ability to talk to the dead is something she is very comfortable with and her great aunt is a fun and lively character – especially considering she had been dead for 20 years.

The actual “investigation” into the murders is minimal as the story is more focussed on the characters and Lana’s new blossoming romance.

Haunted Hearts is a good introduction to the Lana Malloy series and while it could be read as a one off I think getting to know more about these characters will certainly add to this world 🙂

#PIF #RRBC Meet Blaire Sharpe

I am pleased to share with you the second author I am hosting for the RRBC Pay It Forward Week – please welcome to my blog Blaire Sharpe author of “Not Really Gone


Blaire Sharpe holds master’s degrees in Business and Mental Health Counselling. She specialises in working with adults suffering from mood disorders and survivors of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Blaire lives in a suburb of Detroit with her husband, three children, and two dogs. This is her first book.

You can connect with Blaire on her blog, join her on facebook or follow her on twitter


Not Really Gone by Blaire Sharpe:

NotReallyGoneIn every family there is a rock—the person that keeps things together. In Blaire Sharpe’s family, that rock was her grandma. As she shares the inspiring story of her relationship with her grandma, Blaire expands on the notion of what it really means to be loved.

When she was just an infant, Blaire’s troubled parents divorced. Since both parents were incapable of raising Blaire and her siblings, the children were slated for foster care—until their grandmother, Eleanor, stepped in to raise them as her own. As Eleanor valiantly struggled against a family legacy of alcoholism and depression, she modelled strength and wisdom to endure the most challenging of times. Still, Blaire’s life was not perfect. As she matured into adulthood, she battled addictions that eventually led her into recovery, just as Eleanor’s health began to decline. When she found herself sandwiched between two generations, each increasingly needy, Blaire poignantly reveals how she discovered the true meaning of love and commitment, and the essence of what it means to be a mother.

Fancy a little peak into the book – then check out Blaire’s blog for an excerpt



#PIF #RRBC Meet Paula Radell

Time has come around for another of the wonderful RRBC’s Pay It Forward Weeks

The idea being to pay forward support by promoting an author for a whole day. The author assigned to me today is Paula Radell.

I must confess being given Paula to promote threw me at first as she doesn’t yet have a book out for sale and I wondered what I would possibly have to tell you about her but in fact we have the opportunity to meet Paula at the most exciting (or should that be terrifying) point in an author’s world – getting that first book ready to share with the world!

About Paula: Born and raised near the beaches of southeastern Virginia, Paula now lives in Mendocino County, California with her husband Ray, a couple of adopted tabby cats (Matthew & Diana, named after a favorite fictional couple!), and Willow, a 3-year old retired racing Greyhound.

Always a passionate reader and a freelance writer, Paula started her first WordPress blog in 2013. The following year she set up her website and established Passionate Reads & Promotions, a consulting service for self-published authors, collaborating with them on story development, beta reading, editing and various types of social media marketing. She is an experienced Goodreads Group Moderator, a NetGalley Professional Reader, and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Having become addicted to social media in 2012 – and understanding the power it has in today’s dynamic publishing world – she went on to complete 5 post-grad courses in Advanced Internet and Social Media Marketing from the University of San Francisco in 2014.

Paula is currently writing her first fiction novel, Where Angels Sleep, a dark but ultimately inspirational romance set in the holiday season – release date expected in Autumn, 2016. She has two other works in progress: Deception, a dark romance/crime novel, and Night Shift, a collection of “fictionalized non-fiction” nursing stories based on her previous career as an RN, with contributions from nurses around the world.

Paula has worked as an RN – in every area from the Neonatal/Pediatric ICU to Obstetrics, Newborn Nursery, Psychiatry, and a Retirement Village. She’s currently a freelance health care project consultant, a casual but passionate writer, and a sassy editor. These days, she is especially proud of her reputation as a seriously unrepentant bookaholic, passionate about novels featuring complex romantic relationships, mystery, suspense, humor, hope, a healthy dose of unadulterated lust, and a bit hit of the paranormal.

She loves cooking & trying new recipes; sipping French & California sparkling wines; feasting on hot fudge sundaes & Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt; traveling, action-suspense movies with romantic subplots, comedies, books & book boyfriends; David Gandy; Jamie Dornan; philosophical arguments; writing; editing; art; and laughing inappropriately at the worst possible time (not necessarily in that order).

Paula’s debut novel: Synopsis …

Where-AngelsSleepFinal-200x300Matt St. Clair is an angry, bitter, broken man; a man without hope, faith or purpose. But he wasn’t always that way. Once the Chief Resident at a major university Trauma Center, he was a committed family man, married to his high school sweetheart, with a beautiful daughter, loving family and friends, and a bright future ahead.

Until, in a tragic twist of fate, he lost it all.

In the aftermath, a toxic blend of grief and guilt sent his life spiraling out of control, taking everything, leaving only shadows and demons in its wake. Convinced that there was nothing and no one with the power to heal him, he decided to end it all. But first there was one final stop to make — to ask forgiveness, say his last goodbye, and find peace with his decision.

Little did he know that another twist of fate was waiting in the wings. In the least likely place, on the brink of self-destruction, Matt meets a couple of strangers who will challenge everything he’s come to believe about life, love and family. All it will take is a leap of faith and a spark of hope – two things that have eluded him for the past three years.

To save himself, can he risk loving and losing again?

Where Angels Sleep is a dark but hopeful inspirational romance with a faint hint of the paranormal. Due to mature themes, adult language and sexual content, it is most appropriate for readers over the age of 18.

If you fancy a sneak peak at this work in progress (and it does sound worth a peak doesn’t it) Paula has made an excerpt available on her blog.


To find out more about Paula’s work and follow her on her journey to bring “Where Angels Sleep” to publication check out one (or all) of the following links:

And of course her website where you can find out more about 
Paula and her work:

Good luck on your journey to complete this book Paula… I look forward to reading it 🙂


#EggcerptExchange -Allaina Daniels

Just when you think I have run out of Eggcerpt Exchange authors to share with you here comes another…


Welcome to Allaina Daniels the author of INFINITY

book-cover-infinityBlurb:  Professional animal trainer, Carmen Rockwell, is happy living her life on the edge of society. She owns a high profile business that is run by her best friend, Lissy, the only person she thinks she needs in her life. Because of an unusual gift, she is the best in the country at what she does. She goes away for work and finds herself suddenly drawn into a new world- one that she never knew existed and against her will, it follows her home, demanding that she enter into the life she was destined to live. An important date is approaching fast, but will she turn away from this new world and hide or will she face her fate head on? One man could make all the difference- but does he love her or is she only a means to an end?

Excerpt: (This is the first 5 chapters from the amazon sample.)

Purchase Link:

AllainaAuthor Bio:  Allaina Daniels is a sassy domestic goddess from Georgia whose addiction to caffeine is surpassed only by her passion for the written word.

Her debut paranormal romance, Infinity, was released in August 2015; and, her second novel is expected to be available by summer 2016.

Allaina is an avid reader and reviewer of all genres and enjoys connecting with her readers on social media.

Author Links:

Character interview:  (To read the first part of this interview please visit )

A: “Well…. Moving along before Gabriel bites you, Carmen.  Are you still working or did you sell the business?  What about you Gabriel are you still managing the web business?”

G: Nods at me in thanks, “I will be managing the web business forever, even if I have to change my name every decade or so.  Someone has to manage all of the family’s stocks and I am best at it.”

A: “That’s awesome.  Carmen, are you and Lissy still working together?”

C: Reaches over and places her hand on Gabriel’s thigh, “We closed the business down.  I still see Lissy at least once a week but we don’t go out much anymore.  She is still recovering and refuses to let me help her forget.”

A: “I know it must be tough, having the ability to help her and she isn’t willing to let you.  Just stay strong for her, I am sure that in time she will heal.  Until then, just love her.”

G: Puts his hand on top of Carmen’s and raises his eyebrow in my direction, urging me to find a new subject to talk about.

(To read the next segment of this interview please visit )

#EggcerptExhange – Carmen Stefanescu

I can’t possibly have any more Eggcerpt Exchange authors up my sleeve can I??

Oh but yes I can…


In fact right this very minutes I have for you paranormal/light romance/light mystery/light horror writer Carmen Stefanescu


Shadows of the Past
shadowsofthepastbkAnne’s relationship with her boyfriend Neil has disintegrated. After a two-year separation, they pack for a week vacation in hopes of reconciling. But fate has other plans for them.
The discovery of a bejeweled cross and ancient human bones opens a door to a new and frightening world–one where the ghost of a medieval nun named Genevieve will not let Anne rest. This new world threatens not only to ruin Anne and Neil’s vacation but to end all hopes of reconciliation as Anne feels compelled to help free Genevieve’s soul from its torment.
Can Anne save her relationship and help Genevieve find her eternal rest?
A touching, compelling story of tragedy, loss and the power of endless love and good magic.
The twists and turns in this paranormal tale keep the reader guessing up to the end and weave themselves together into a quest to rekindle love.

Wild Child Publishing

All Romance

Barnes & Noble

The peal of the church bells from the abbey tower startled Genevieve. The sound added to her mounting anxiety.
The massive abbey loomed over the stone paved path. All the nuns were at evening mass. With a bit of luck her disappearance would go unnoticed for a few more hours. The Abbess would assume she was cleaning the toilets as ordered.
Fear skittered through Genevieve when she turned away from the abbey towards the path leading to town. Nothing stirred. She hesitated. Evil emanated from the forest surrounding the abbey. With a shiver, she leaned against the solid oak gates that flanked the abbey’s main path. They had hidden her from detection for the past couple of hours, but how much longer would she be safe?
The mountain shadows grew thicker and closer.
She moved her weight from one leg to the other. They ached from so much standing, but she lacked the strength to return to the gardener’s cottage and wait for Andrew’s arrival as planned. Genevieve closed her tired eyes. The image of old Ryan, slumped dead in his chair in his cubicle, caught life in her mind and made her whole body ripple with fear.
She’d rather wait for Andrew here, outside.
Had he forgotten his promise? What if something terrible befell him during the last three days, or he had changed his mind? Why should he risk all for an ordinary nun?
Had his folks talked him into giving her up, made him see reason? Helping her out of her predicament meant a huge risk for him — losing his family, his friends and his position among his peers. His words echoed in her mind. “I will risk everything for you, even life, if necessary.”
* * * *

“Anne, Anne, wake up. Wake up, please,” the insistent voice whispered next to her ear. The touch of a hand, on her shoulder, startled Anne.
She opened her eyes, still half between sleep and reality. Her gaze stopped on a stranger, a woman, by her side.
The moon’s pale face, the only light, filtered through a small gap in the tent’s entrance; yet the stranger’s whole body emanated a kind of soft ray, a yellowish halo making her figure and face easy to discern.
A long, dark robe, similar to those worn by nuns in monasteries centuries ago, covered her body. No traditional headdress covered the woman’s red hair, which fell loosely over her shoulders in long, heavy tendrils and continued down her chest and back.
Anne stood up and studied the intruder with open curiosity. The stranger’s wax pale face looked corpse like. Anne opened her mouth to ask her who she was. She looked Anne straight in the eyes, placed her forefinger on her lips and whispered, “Hush, come. Follow me.”
Anne’s eyes widened.
The woman, moving away from the sleeping bag, appeared to glide above the ground. Her bare feet didn’t make a sound.
As if hypnotized, Anne followed the illuminated silhouette heading into the forest, without questioning her own actions.
An onrush of sensations unfamiliar to her followed. Dizziness and a malevolent feeling of unreality suffocated her. The presence of evil, creeping up and enveloping her, became almost palpable. Her throat turned dry, and she gasped for air.

Character interview -Genevieve
1. Please, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable Miss…
“Genevieve. My name is Genevieve, but Sister Clementa, the Abbess, and some of her followers call me The witch.”
2. Tell me, Genevieve, where are you living?
Genevieve ( a small sigh escapes her lips. Then she shrugs) “Well, for the moment I reside at St. Mary’s Abbey. On top of a mountain in Britain, in the…cursed forest.”
3. Do you have any schooling?
Genevieve (nods and pats and invisible crease of her dress) “Kind Old Bertha, who took care of me after my family perished, taught me to read and write. Not only English but also Latin. And, most important, she taught me how to prepare healing potions from plants and herbs. Perhaps that’s why the Abbess hates me so much. A peasant girl of the 13th century is dangerous if she knows more than her superiors, I think.”
4. What are your worst fears or nightmare?
Genevieve (throws a shy look around her. She shivers and her voice is small) “I fear the cursed forest. This forest is responsible for what happened to my family. My father’s odd behavior, the death of my siblings. All the evil that lurks in it.
My nightmare – the Abbess, sister Clementa, who threatens me all the time with sending me to the stake. I can’t understand why she wants me out of the way.”
5. Is it anything that you secretly desire?
Genevieve (blushes and wrings her hands. Then she looks me directly in the eyes. Her voice is strong now. ) “To become Andrew’s wife and grow a family. If his family agrees….If the Abbess lets me go… If God forgives me for giving up being a nun…..If I escape alive from the forest…. If….”


Author bio:
carmenCarmen Stefanescu resides in Romania, the native country of the infamous vampire Count Dracula, but where, for about 50 years of communist dictatorship, just speaking about God, faith, reincarnation or paranormal phenomena could have led someone to great trouble – the psychiatric hospital if not to prison.
Teacher of English and German in her native country and mother of two daughters, Carmen Stefanescu survived the grim years of oppression, by escaping in a parallel world, that of the books.
She has dreamed all her life to become a writer, but many of the things she wrote during those years remained just drawer projects. The fall of the Ceausescu’s regime in 1989, and the opening of the country to the world meant a new beginning for her. She started publishing. Poems first, and then prose. Both in English.
Shadows of the Past, paranormal/light romance/light mystery/light horror was released at the end of 2012 by Wild Child publishing, USA.

Carmen Stefanescu’s Links: