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Love’s Child – Review – #RRBC

It’s time for another little review and this time it’s the turn of

Love’s Child: Power, deceit and betrayal, all in the name of love! by Lizzie Chantree.
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Book Blurb: An award-winning romantic mystery novel by author Lizzie Chantree.

Friendship, loyalty and deadly secrets.
Jemima Trent is desperate to have a designer baby to keep up with her socialite friends, reconnect with her work-obsessed husband, Lucas, and regain some respect from her domineering father.

Something curious is happening and the number of women able to conceive each year is in decline, but no one seems to know why. Dr Cole believes that the answer can be found in a warehouse full of delinquent teenagers, where David Love and his pregnant girlfriend, Tilly, have been hitting the headlines for turning youngsters’ lives around. Dr Cole’s violent and callous employer will stop at nothing to discover the reason behind their success and why girls at the warehouse are able to fall pregnant.

Jemima finally tries to step out of her father’s shadow, but discovers they are more alike than she could ever imagine. David and Tilly vow to keep their secret, but have the lessons of the past been learnt and is the world ready for the truth?

Lies, deceit and betrayal, all in the name of love!

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts: An interesting story with three main groups of character who, for a while, I could not imagine being connected in any way. As the story progresses the threads of the characters different lives begin to entwine and you discover they are far more connected than originally anticipated.

There are some interesting twists and turns of events as things come to a head and you do wonder where this can end and what the great secret David and Tilly (and their friends) have discovered that the others are so desperate to find out.

I have to say the final revelation of this secret felt rather satisfying to me and it rounded off the whole book perfectly.

A fun and enjoyable read 🙂