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Thank you all for dropping by today.  I hope it was the title of this post that enticed you to do so.

Many of you may be aware that early last year I took my debut novel, “DAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’S FRIEND” down from Amazon.  (I’ve recently discovered that in my haste to do so, I only removed the e-book format and it is still there in paperback format, but hopefully, no one’s buying it).  I did this, because although it received many positive reviews, I just happened to open a paperback copy one day to find some very glaring “hiccups.”  I was so blown away (that they were glaring…at least to me) that I rushed to Amazon and yanked it down with such force, I think I hurt my arm. (I’m sorry, poor arm).

Anyway, with running the hugely busy and successful communities known as RRBC & RWISA, I…

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The Geography of Hexborn

Guy Worthey

Every high fantasy novel needs a map, right?  Unfortunately, I am not the most visually inventive person.  So, when it came time to devise a realm for my latest story, I decided to base it on a region I know.  It worked for Tolkien, right?  Let’s learn a little about Bryn, Hexborn’s imaginary kingdom.

From Hexborn:

The rain had washed the air clean, and the view from the dock took Shiloh’s breath away even more than the corset already had.  The Bay stretched out in front of them, and the hills and buildings of the City were bathed in morning light on the other side of the water.  A few islands poked up out of the blue, capped by lighthouses.  The two great lighthouses were clearly visible, the one on the City side and its twin on the Gate side. 

She’d read about their construction in one of Edmun’s…

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