Sixteen Souls

So until recently Rosie Talbot was nothing more than the woman with the lovely speaking voice known as Merrowchild on tiktok. Yes she sells books, yes she talks a lot about books… but did that mean she could actually WRITE one? As much as I liked how the book was described I wasn’t sure if I was going to give it a go… and then it got put on offer and it was as if something was telling me to just try it.. you might like it… and did I??

Well let me tell you about Sixteen Souls

Blurb: Someone is stripping Europe’s most haunted city of its spirits. When self-destructive, 16-year-old seer, Charlie Frith, realises that one of his own ghostly friends has gone missing, he must put aside his own safety – and reclusive existence – if he is to find them.

Charlie reluctantly teams up with Sam Harrow – the new seer in town – and a rag-tag group of ghosts, to save their friends from a fate literally worse than death.

But there is a dark purpose behind these disappearances – more sinister than Charlie could ever have imagined. And, as he slowly comes to terms with his romantic feelings for Sam, the stakes become even higher as time quickly runs out!

  • Perfect for fans of Cemetery Boys, Becky Albertalli and V E Schwab.
  • #SixteenSouls has more than a-quarter-of-a-million views on TikTok and counting.
  • A must-read for all young adult fans with intricately plotted mystery, sublime world-building and fantastically diverse cast of characters.

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts: I was hooked on this story right from the first chapter. The character, the relationships, the whole arc of the story and its ongoing reveals – perfection!

At the start of the book Charlie is somewhat of a loner – his ability to see, and interact with, the dead has caused him to pull away from the people in his life. How can he explain why he does what he does, or the strange things that happen around him? Maybe it’s just easier to be the friendless weirdo.

When Charlie meets the strangely appealing Sam his entire life starts to change. Sam brings the news of the disappearance of many of Yorks ghosts and something needs to be done about it… who can help but those who see ghosts and know they even exist?

This story grows with every page, as does the relationship between Charlie and Sam.

Is Sam all he appears to be?

Who is taking the ghosts and why?

Is Charlie really able to stop it?

Will life ever be the same again?

If you want to know the answer to those questions (and believe me you DO), then grab a copy of this book today and enjoy the ride!


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