If you don’t like it – don’t do it

I feel like I really want to say some deep and meaningful shit… but I don’t know if I really have the words (hmm yeah not a great claim from someone who occasionally identifies as a writer!).

But seriously – WTF is going on with the world these days?? We are meant to be moving into the future but instead it’s like we’re slowly slipping back into the dark ages – yes America I AM looking at you!

Who the hell has the right to tell ANYONE what they can do with their own bodies? How dare you claim to care about life when the only life you actually care about is before it’s even begun? How is the life of basically a few cells more important than the life of an actual grown woman, or, sadly on too many occasions, a young girl?

I know that your religion might say something is “wrong” – the book you like to read may suggest that being gay is somehow evil…. Well you know what? I’ve read a good few books where describes it with a more honest and real representation of what that is – an expression of love.

Yes I know I am jumping about between different topics but, let’s face it…. denying human rights to one group of people is only ever the first step… who’s next?

And the thing I don’t understand, hand on heart really DO NOT understand… How does what someone else does impact on your life AT ALL? If two men, or two women, are in love – what does that take away from your life? If someone chooses to be called they/them – how does that hurt you? If someone is so unhappy in their own body/gender that they need (need not choose) to change it – how does that impact on your day?

FFS people – just live your own life and let other people live theirs… how much happier would we all be??

So, sorry for the ramble to anyone who actually read it…

3 thoughts on “If you don’t like it – don’t do it

  1. Preach, Dawn! I find myself meditating a LOT lately to assist me in releasing the anger I have toward our Supreme Court justices (who lied under oath to get their positions) and those who allowed them to get there. They are completely ignoring the Constitution’s insistence that we have freedom of religion and separation of church and state. They are trying to claim we are a Christian nation, when the reality is that we were founded on the freedom to believe (or not) whatever religion we wanted. The founding fathers and their families fled England mostly because of the fear of religious persecution. Now, the SC wants to claim life starts at the beating of heart cells. Well, some religions believe life starts at the first breath, so why should one definition have more weight than the other? And don’t even get me started on how detrimental the overpopulation of this planet is going to become with all of these unwanted births or the suffering of crack babies who are forced to be born or the children who are born so deformed that they will suffer for hours or days before dying or the amount of abused/neglected children who will be raised by parents who never wanted them… UGH!

    Recently, I read that the SC ruled that teachers can now lead students in prayer. WHAT?! Not only is that a complete violation of separation of church and state, but why should my child have to listen to a prayer that is not of his religion?!

    Deep breath… Sorry, I got heated. I see our freedoms whittling away, and it saddens me. 😥

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