Strange Days Indeed

I don’t often post here on non-writing related matters but sometimes you do just have things in your head that need getting out.

What a time we are living in right now – sadly that phrase is often said in relation to wonderful situations, that is certainly not what we are living through.

I always figured that shows like The Walking Dead (which I love BTW) showed a rather negative view of human nature. Here comes a crisis and the human race turns to an “every man for himself” situation, fighting each other than the disaster (or zombies) that are threatening them.

Now, while people aren’t actually killing each other on the streets, there is definitely an unwelcome shift to selfishness.Β  I don’t recall ever seeing such empty supermarket shelves as people stock up their own supplies, with no thought for those who are unable to do the same and, as a result, will end up going without. No one should be left without access to something as simple as toilet paper!! (Or food of course).

I would like to think that, when the panic fades, all those random tins of soup that people bought, even if they don’t like the variety, will find their way to charities, food banks, or soup kitchens… but my faith in human nature is lacking a little right now.

This time of uncertainty is leaving us all feeling a little lost and unsure of what to do, we can only hope that “this too will pass”… and in time the world can get back on track.

In the meantime stay safe, but stay kind.



8 thoughts on “Strange Days Indeed

  1. I have often wondered what makes people tick. Selfishness takes unusual forms. Grab all the toilet paper and don’t cover the mouth during a sneeze. I’ll bet both actions have been present in the same person.

  2. I’ve worked in a high stress and dangerous environment for years (prison). I remember new recruits telling me “Well if A happens, then I’ll do B.”
    I’d smile and tell them, “You DON’T really know what you’re going to do when the ‘you-know-what’ hits the fan. I’ve seen it a thousand times. People will do what comes naturally to them when a threat is close at hand. They’ll either resort to fight or flight . . . in this case, they’ll either be selfish or heroic. Both exist, even in this crisis. Don’t lose heart Dawn, the media doesn’t often report on the heroes and helpers.

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