Book Review – Saint John Lennon

Every August bank holiday I venture (with hundreds of others) to the fair city of Liverpool to celebrate the music of the wonderful Beatles at International Beatleweek. This year we met the charming and charismatic author Daniel Hartwell promoting his fictional book “Saint John Lennon”

Such was the charm of this author that we couldn’t resist purchasing a copy of his book and… a few months later… I finally got around to reading it. So what did I think? Read on and find out…

SJLBlurb: John Lennon is ALIVE in this controversial time-travel epic. Imagine THAT! A twist in time returns 40-year-old John to us on December 8, 2020 in front of the Dakota in New York City. He is fascinated by the world he finds, and shocked by the religious, environmental and political turmoil. Imagine the legendary John Lennon adjusting to astounding futuristic technology; organizing a Beatles reunion; witnessing the (possible) apocalypse; traveling into space with Branson’s Virgin Galactic; writing music with Paul again and finally appearing with him on Saturday Night Live; reacting to the destruction of the Twin Towers; and meeting with Trump! Our action-adventure melds history, fact, and fantasy to remind us that love is all we need. The issues John deals with are hot topics right now: political discord, climate change, nuclear threats, terrorism, violence, and poverty. John’s reappearance is fantastical, but Yoko and his grown sons recognize him immediately as the real deal. Follow him on his poignant, humorous and world-altering escapades as he continues his quest for peace. Saint John Lennon is a “can’t-put-it-down” page-turner and always thought-provoking.

Rating: 3.5/5

My thoughts: John Lennon is alive again – oh don’t we wish! If you are looking for a Beatles biography then this is not the book for you. This story is pure fantasy.  Set in a world where, 40 years after his death, John Lennon is inexplicably returned to the world. When he opens his eyes only moments have passed for John, for the rest of the world it’s been 40 years.

I found a certain degree of sadness in this book. Before his death John Lennon had been speaking out for peace. Forty years later, not only is the need as great as ever, if anything things have become worse.  Viewing the modern world through the eyes of someone who had been absent for so long highlights how far removed we are from any hope of a peaceful world at the moment.

This book carries a good message and does it through the name of John Lennon.

There are parts of the book that don’t quite work for me. The use of song lyrics in some dialogue feels unnecessary and a few attempts at “scouse” falls a little short, the characters aren’t as fleshed out or “real” as they could be, but the story in itself is an enjoyable ride as John finds himself travelling to different points in the future, giving us warnings of where the world could end up if we don’t do something about it now.

Overall I enjoyed reading this book and certainly wanted to keep turning the pages to see where it would go.




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