4 thoughts on “Authors Beware!

  1. Two of mine were there! I found it interesting that Shadow of the Drill had the original cover, which is only shown on Goodreads. I did send emails as instructed, but I wasn’t really sure what to say, or how to say it, never having dealt with this before.

  2. Okay, there is a very formal, legal way to contact them. Here is a copy of the form letter. Just put your own information in and don’t forget to put an electronic signature at the end or it will not be valid.

    To Whom It May Concern:

    In accordance with Section 512(c) of the DMCA, I am submitting this takedown notice in writing and with a digital signature at the bottom. 

    My name is (add name). Effective (add date) it came to my attention that my copyrighted material, specifically (add title) is being offered as a free download on your site.

    I have a good faith belief that the use of these copyrighted materials on your site is not authorized by the copyright or intellectual property owner, its agent or the law. Under penalty of perjury, I certify that the information in this notice is true and accurate, and that I am the copyright owner of the copyright(s) involved.

    Under this statute, you are required upon receipt of this notice to remove and disable access to the infringing materials specified in this notice.

    The title is as follows, with an active link to this item on your website:



    Thank you for your assistance and for handling this matter promptly. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via email at (add email).


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