Meet Maretha Botha #RRBCPIF


Time has come once again for the members of Rave Reviews Book Club to take a moment and “pay it forward” by spending a day supporting another member, who in turn will support another member, who in turn will… well you get the idea πŸ™‚

I am lucky to have been assigned the talented children’s author Maretha Botha, who has created the wonderful world of Fauna Park.

Who is Maretha?

MarethaAuthor/Illustrator Maretha Botha admits to being addicted to espresso and chocolate, and hiking occasionally on the moors, as well as being a seasonal gardener. In addition, she has written a series of children’s books – Fauna Park Tales. Books 1-3 are available in Kindle as well as black and white paperbacks. To enhance reading pleasure for better readers in her target market, 9-13, she has added some illustrations.

Additionally, she has combined books one and two in a 174-page Colour illustrated Version, should you want to see colour illustrations on the printed page as well.

What has she written?
Maretha has written a series of animal books based in the fictional location called “Fauna Park” where the animals commune together in an attempt to protect and preserve them all. I reviewed the first instalment of this series recently here:Β
It almost made me wish I had a couple of kids to read the book to … almost πŸ˜‰


Where can I find her?
Well, like most of us these days, Maretha can be contacted around the web and you can find her at these places:
On her blog: Β Β Β Β Β
On twitter:Β Β Β Β  @MarethMBotha
On Amazon:Β Β

So, now you’ve met Maretha it’s time you got to know her furry friends who live within the pages of her books πŸ™‚


31 thoughts on “Meet Maretha Botha #RRBCPIF

    • Dawn has done an incredibly fabulous PIF for me. Thanks for putting me out there, Nonnie! I remain humbled by all the support and encouragement I’ve received from you and many of our fabulous members here at Rave Reviews Book Club!

  1. Hello Dawn! It’s great to learn more about Maretha and her work. Her books are beautiful. Maretha is a very talented woman, I see. Thanks for the lovely feature!

  2. Loved reading about Maretha! Thank you, Dawn! I too wish I had kids/grand kids in that age group. There’s about a 13 year age difference in my two grandsons. One started kindergarten and the other started college the same year (last year).

    • That is quite an age gap, Kim! I’ve been ‘plotting’ an Early Reader/Picture book series, doing so at the SCBWI meetings, so I hope I’ll be able to produce something satisfying for the very young ones, one of the days!

  3. Lovely blog site, Dawn. And, thank you for hosting Maretha. Her books are beautiful, and I share them with my grandkids.

  4. Martha surprised me with a review of my book on her website. That is how I met her and she is a wonderfully supportive member of RRBC. So I am happy to support her on PIF Day. Congrats Maretha! Thank you D.E. for hosting this exceptional member.

  5. It’s always a treat to find out more from our members. Maretha, you are one of our most supportive. I wish you only the best today.

    Thanks for hosting, D. E.

  6. Dear Dawn, Thank you for this wonderful PIF support. You’ve given me such a lovely post. I’m most grateful to you and everyone for your kind words, retweets and sharing. In the words of the CARE BEARS: “Sharing is Caring!”

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