Pinkie and Pow-wow – Part Two

Due to popular demand (two is popular right?) it’s time for the second instalment of my tale of those two playful pups. In case you missed it Part One is here:

And now… Part Two:

Pinkie let out a small yawn before snuggling her head deeper into Lucy’s lap. The game of chase with Pow-wow had lasted about half an hour before the pup had stopped dead, curled up where she had stood and fell into a deep sleep. Lucy had moved to get to her feet and, Pinkie presumed, lift the new dog into her arms so Pinkie quickly leapt onto the sofa and and claimed her spot. The white dog wasn’t fully prepared to share Lucy just yet. It might be fun to have a smaller dog to play chase with, but even better if that dog could then stay on the floor while Pinkie got all of the fussing she loved.

Lucy’s fingers tickled the top of Pinkie’s head gently, the soothing motion lulling the dog into a contented sleep.

Pinkie’s dreams were filled with bunnies and biscuits and her feet twitched as she raced through imaginary fields, a small darkly coloured rabbit bouncing ahead of her. Without warning the bunny turned and bit Pinkie’s foot, causing the dog to wake with a start and and out a surprised yap.

Lucy laughed softly at Pinkie’s reaction, petting her beloved dog while at the same time telling Pow-wow that she needed to be a good girl. Pinkie narrowed her eyes and glared at the smaller dog, realising that her wonderful dream had been interrupted, not by a bunny biting her foot, but by Pow-wow’s sharp puppy teeth instead.

blackpug“You were sleeping,” Pow-wow said, her tail wagging excitedly. “But I want to play again.”

“I don’t feel like playing,” Pinkie said, turning her face from the puppy and closing her eyes.

“Oh please… please come and play.” Pow-wow bit at Pinkie’s toes again, chasing them as Pinkie moved them from reach.

“Be a good girl Pow-wow,” Lucy said, picking up the new puppy and peppering its face with little kisses. “You mustn’t keep annoying Pinkie when she doesn’t want you to… she might bite you, and you wouldn’t like that.”

Pinkie opened one eye and watched intently as Lucy cradled Pow-wow in her arms. Biting the puppy might not be a bad idea if she was going to take all of Lucy’s attention.

“Come on girls,” Lucy said, placing Pow-wow back on the floor before getting to her feet. “It’s time for bed, so you two need to go for a little wee… we don’t want any accidents in the house.”

“What kind of accidents?” Pow-wow asked, bouncing in circles around Pinkie as the older dog tried to follow Lucy to the back door. “Why would there be an accident? What’s an accident?”

“Lucy doesn’t want you to wee on the carpet,” Pinkie said, emphasising the word ‘you’, she would never do such a thing herself. Pinkie had had an accident of that kind when she was a pup herself, it was one of the few times Lucy had been cross with her and Pinkie had hated it when Lucy raised her voice.

“Oh…” Pow-wow bounced a little more as they headed to the door, now that the suggestion of going on the carpet had been mentioned the small dog felt as if her bladder might burst, she wasn’t sure she would be able to hold on.

“Don’t you dare,” Pinkie warned. “Lucy would be so angry… and if you can hold on a few more seconds we get a treat?”

“Treat?” That sounded good to Pow-wow and with all her strength the little pug held on as hard as she could, racing full speed out of the door the second it was open.

“There’s my good girls,” Lucy said as both dogs relieved themselves. Pinkie headed straight back inside, happily taking the dog biscuit from Lucy’s outstretched hand.

Pow-wow, however, found the garden too interesting and began sniffing around the plant pots and pawing at the ground.

“Pow-wow come on in,” Lucy called but the little dog was having too much fun to obey the command.

“If you don’t hurry up,” Pinkie said around a mouthful of biscuit, “I will eat your treat too.”bichon

Pow-wow’s head turned back to the house, torn between exploring and the promised treat. Eventually she realised that the garden would be there in the morning, the tasty smelling biscuit would not.

“Good girl,” Lucy said as the black pug bounced into the kitchen and greedily grabbed at the biscuit in Lucy’s hand. “Don’t snatch,” Lucy said, pulling the biscuit out of reach, waiting until Pow-wow was seated quietly before offering it to her again.

Once the bedtime biscuits were consumed Lucy pulled Pinkie’s bed from behind the sofa and placed it in her usual spot. Despite spending the evenings on the sofa with Lucy the dog always slept in her own soft fluffy bed at night, a remnant from when she was too small to get up on the sofa unaided.

A few feet from Pinkie’s bed Lucy placed another, picking Pow-wow up she put the new pup in the centre of the bed, fussing her head as she told the pug to be a good girl and she would see her in the morning.

After saying her goodnights to the dogs Lucy switched off the light and closed the living room door, silently hoping that there would be no trouble in the night with them. They had seemed to get along well enough while supervised but there was no telling what they might be like once left alone.

Pinkie curled up in her cosy bed and, with a large yawn, fell almost instantly into a deep sleep. Her rest was disturbed less than an hour later by a high pitched pitiful whimpering.

Slowly opening her eyes Pinkie turned her head to the source of the crying. The small amount of illumination coming through the window from the streetlight seemed to glisten in Pow-wow’s large round eyes, making them appear as large as two moons and they stared at Pinkie, unblinking.

“What’s the matter,” Pinkie asked quietly, she didn’t want her barking to wake Lucy.

“I miss my mummy,” Pow-wow said, following Pinkie’s lead and also barking softly. “When do I go home and see her again… and my brothers and sisters…”

Pinkie was about to snap that she wouldn’t, but looking into the deep sad pools of Pow-wow’s eyes she remembered her own first night alone in a strange house. No matter how much she loved Lucy now and adored her life with the woman, at first she was scared and she too had missed her mother and siblings.

“You live here now,” Pinkie said, as kindly as she could, “This is your home, and you’ll enjoy living here, you’ll see.”

“But my mummy?”

“You’re too old to need her now…”


Pinkie closed her eyes and rested her head back on her front paws, the smaller dog had seemed to understand. After a few minutes she was disturbed by the whimpering once again.

“What now?” Pinkie’s question came out like an annoyed yap which made Pow-wow whimper even more. “What is it?” Pinkie asked, more kindly this time.

“I’ve never slept on my own before,” Pow-wow said. “I don’t like it… I used to sleep with my brothers and sisters…”

Pinkie sighed. Her bed had once felt huge and lonely when she’d been a small pup, but now it was the perfect size for her, just her.

Pow-wow’s eyes seemed to grow more pitiful and pleading the longer Pinkie looked at them. “Come on then,” Pinkie said eventually, moving herself right into the soft edging of her bed and making a small gap. “But just for a night or two while you settle in, this bed isn’t big enough for both of us, especially not once you start to grow.”

The small black pug raced over to Pinkie and snuggled into the small bed beside her. Without realising it Pinkie placed one front leg over the pup and the two of them settled into a comfortable sleep for the rest of the night.


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