The Imagined – Nanowrimo 2016

So, we’re at day 20 of Nanowrimo – doesn’t seem that long since the long hard slog was about to begin and now we can see the end just over the horizon. I know that many have already crossed the 50,000 word finishing line – bravo to you. Many others are lagging far behind – don’t give up if you’re at that point, there is still time to get your write on and race to the end.

As for me, well I am comfortably ahead of target at the moment – at the point of writing this I am on 38,224 words with the aim (or at least hope) to hit 40,000 before bed πŸ™‚

This seemed like a good point to introduce you to the world which has taken up a large portion of my time and concentration so far this month… the world of The Imagined.

Novel synopsis:Β On the world of Nihedr (nee-hed-r) existed The Imagined. A race of creatures brought into existence by The Iigned (eye-gned).

Being creatures of imagination The Imagined were not considered alive. They were not real.

The Imagine disagreed.

Chia was Imagined but he always believed that the family of Iigned he worked for considered him to be one of them. When Chia was accused of a terrible crime his world came crashing down around him and his status of being “only” Imagined came painfully home to him.

Was there anyone out there who could help him now? Anyone who would even want to?

I hope someone is intrigued by this little introduction πŸ™‚

But enough of this procrastination – there is a-writing to be done πŸ™‚


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