#RRBCPIF – Lisa Mackay

Well it’s that time again when the folks at Rave Review Book Club put aside their self promotion and spend a day or two (or three) “paying it forward” by concentrating on a fellow author.

lisaIn this vein I would like to introduce you to Lisa Mackay.

Lisa is the author of  the adult romance SEXY M.F. Series
A Contemporary Romance Trilogy which comprises:
Book 1 – M.F.
Book 2 – Missing Foxx
Book 3 – Mine Forever

She describes herself as a freelance writer and author oh but that is not all. During her very busy and exciting career as a singer/songwriter, performer and musician travelling the globe for the last twenty-odd years, she also completed a course at the National Film & Television School in the U.K. (Anyone else impressed!! Wowzers!)

She has also directed a pilot for television and worked as a Script Supervisor for acclaimed and esteemed British director and screenwriter Jane Gull.

As a creative individual, when she retired from performing she realised her passion for writing was becoming much too strong to ignore, so took the leap and embarked on her first adult contemporary romance novel M.F. (Book 1 of the Sexy M.F. Series)one of many more to come in that genre.  Yes, this is one very impressive lady!

So let’s discover a little about these books shall we 🙂

mf1Sexy MF Book 1: Young photographer Vivienne Banks could never be accused of throwing caution to the wind. ‘Cautious’ could be her middle name!
A tragic childhood colours her future and trust must be earned. When her love life hits the rocks, Vivienne hits the bar with devastating consequences.
In his sights already, gorgeous billionaire philanthropist Maxwell Foxx comes to her rescue. But who is rescuing whom and at what price?
Will Vivienne ever truly understand the significance of the M.F. tattoo over Max’s heart?
And will Max ever be able to move on from the ghosts in his past, and the bonds that tie him to another?


mf2Missing Foxx- Sexy MF Book 2: Following a lead on Monica, Max has flown down to Portsmouth in the hope of finally bringing her to justice for the death of Charlie his beloved nephew.
Justice seems to have been served when he arrives to find her and Steve one of his trusted employees, dead in a hotel room.

Monica’s death has finally given him closure and released him from the confines of her
‘unbreakable bond’.
She no longer poses a threat to those he loves and knowing that Vivienne’s finally ready to accept his proposal of marriage, life just couldn’t be better.

On her own in the penthouse waiting for Max to return, Vivienne stumbles upon an intruder.
The shock and surprise that it’s someone she knows only too well is compounded by the realisation that no one is going to save her. No one knows she’s in danger. Least of all Max.
Frightened and defenceless Vivienne has no choice but to face the intruder alone and accept her fate.
But who would want to hurt her? Or is Max their ultimate target? If so, she will sacrifice everything to protect him.

mf3Mine Forever – Sexy MF Book 3: Vivienne has everything she could ever wish for, including the heart of her sexy, gorgeous, paramour. Max has proposed, vowing to fiercely love her for every moment of every day until forever. Against all odds and any hope she’s also pregnant with his babies.
Finding out that he’s secretly planned a romantic wedding just completes her fairy-tale romance. Life just couldn’t get any better than this…
But as the festivities of her best friend’s wedding are in full swing up on deck, Vivienne soon realises to her horror, that Monica has returned to claim her prize!
Max is gone, taken by force and without a trace.
Having suffered the wrath of Monica more than once, Vivienne knows only too well how evil and twisted her heart really is. Vivienne must face the heart breaking possibility that Max could be lost to her forever.
But how could Monica have engineered Max’s abduction with such stealth? She must have had help! If so, who can Vivienne trust? And what will Monica do with him?
Only moments ago Vivienne’s future looked so bright and full of promise, but now it seems so empty and hopeless.
No me without you….
Max is the love of her life. He promised her forever and Vivienne won’t rest until she finds him…even if it takes forever.

Ohh they sound good don’t they – and I don’t know about you but I’m loving the soft black & white of the artwork!

So, if you want to know more about Lisa you can find her:
On Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/lisamackayauthor1
Or on Twitter:  @lisamackayuk
At her website:  http://www.lisamackay.uk/


12 thoughts on “#RRBCPIF – Lisa Mackay

  1. Wonderful to meet you, Lisa! What a fascinating life, and bravo on your numerous achievements! I absolutely love the black and white covers. Love them!
    Thanks for sharing such a lovely post, Dawn. Happy PIF week!

  2. Lisa, first of all, I like your black and white book covers. Very dramatic! Good to know you, and please enjoy our #RRBC hallmark… :D. The way we support! Thank you Dawn for hosting her. :).

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