Made for Me – Book Review

Here I am again with another little review of my latest read – this time it’s the turn of

Made for Me: It’s all chemistry…isn’t it? by Pamela Schloesser Canepa

madeBook Blurb: A modern love story with a twist. In a world of too many people, Abrielle’s search for love leads her to her dream date through a dating site promising exactly what you wish for, with a 100% guarantee. How can they truly guarantee happiness for Abrielle, who can’t even decide what she wants for dinner? Meet Sampson, open-minded, spontaneous, and financially stable. All of the elements seem to come together for a perfect match. Yet, it becomes apparent there’s been a website glitch! Sampson is even more unique than Abrielle thought. For this to work, Abrielle must accept the truth behind Sampson’s perfect skin, buff physique, and welcoming smile.

Rating: 3/5

My Thoughts: This is a futuristic tale of an unusual romance. In a world where you can let technology make even the most basic decisions for you – such as what meal to order in a restaurant – Abrielle is happy to put her choice of romantic partner in the hands of a dating website.  Sampson seems too good to be true, he really does seem to be her ideal match. But he isn’t exactly what he appears.

This was a quick and easy read, sometimes the story didn’t quite flow as well as it might and the dialogue occasionally felt a little jarring and not quite how I would expect real people to talk. Some of the story moved along a little too quickly for my liking – I think it would have been better if Sampson’s secret (which I will not reveal) was not exposed so quickly and Abrielle had time to really fall for the man before she discovered what he was hiding.

Overall it was a cute and fun read with an imaginative idea which, with a little more work and polish, could easily earn an additional star or two 🙂


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