Tigerland – Book Review

So recently I reviewed the book Tigers and Devils and as soon as I had finished that one I was keen to get into the next book of the series Tigerland… and here is my review of that one too 🙂

TigerlandBlurb: After an eventful and sometimes uncomfortably public courtship, Simon Murray and Declan Tyler settled into a comfortable life together. Now retired from the AFL, Declan works as a football commentator; Simon develops programs with queer content for a community television station.

Despite their public professional lives, Simon and Declan manage to keep their private life out of the spotlight. Their major concerns revolve around supporting their friends through infertility and relationship problems—until Greg Heyward, Declan’s ex-partner, outs himself in a transparent bid for attention.

Though Simon and Declan are furious with Greg and his media antics, they can’t agree on what to do about it. Declan insists they should maintain a dignified silence, but both he and Simon keep getting drawn into Heyward’s games. Simon and Declan will once again have to ride out the media storm before they can return their attention to what really matters: each other.

Rating: 5/5

My thoughts: There are times when you read a book you really enjoy, the characters are left in a good place but you still can’t help but wonder “what happened to them next”… and there are times when the author kindly lets you find out.

Set a few years after the first book Tigerland find Simon and Declan settled into a comfortable and happy life together and things are going well. As much as we all want such a settled life for ourselves it would ultimately make for a dull read but no such worries here as Sean Kennedy quickly throws a spanner in the works once more as Greg Heyward, Declan’s ex and himself a football player, decides to come out now that his playing career is over.

Dec’s plans to keep a distance from this situation doesn’t work out too well as Heyward is quick to cash in on Dec’s popularity and drag him into his own bid for attention. By refusing to be drawn into the situation Dec give Heyward every opportunity to embellish their past relationship, regardless of the truth – or lack thereof!

So once again Simon and Dec’s lives are thrown into turmoil by outside forces and only their love for each other and support of their wonderful network of friends will keep them strong.

Another great installment of this series and once again I am left thinking “what happened to them next..”  Oh there is another book you say *happy face*

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