#PIF #RRBC Meet Paula Radell

Time has come around for another of the wonderful RRBC’s Pay It Forward Weeks

The idea being to pay forward support by promoting an author for a whole day. The author assigned to me today is Paula Radell.

I must confess being given Paula to promote threw me at first as she doesn’t yet have a book out for sale and I wondered what I would possibly have to tell you about her but in fact we have the opportunity to meet Paula at the most exciting (or should that be terrifying) point in an author’s world – getting that first book ready to share with the world!

About Paula: Born and raised near the beaches of southeastern Virginia, Paula now lives in Mendocino County, California with her husband Ray, a couple of adopted tabby cats (Matthew & Diana, named after a favorite fictional couple!), and Willow, a 3-year old retired racing Greyhound.

Always a passionate reader and a freelance writer, Paula started her first WordPress blog in 2013. The following year she set up her website and established Passionate Reads & Promotions, a consulting service for self-published authors, collaborating with them on story development, beta reading, editing and various types of social media marketing. She is an experienced Goodreads Group Moderator, a NetGalley Professional Reader, and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association. Having become addicted to social media in 2012 – and understanding the power it has in today’s dynamic publishing world – she went on to complete 5 post-grad courses in Advanced Internet and Social Media Marketing from the University of San Francisco in 2014.

Paula is currently writing her first fiction novel, Where Angels Sleep, a dark but ultimately inspirational romance set in the holiday season – release date expected in Autumn, 2016. She has two other works in progress: Deception, a dark romance/crime novel, and Night Shift, a collection of “fictionalized non-fiction” nursing stories based on her previous career as an RN, with contributions from nurses around the world.

Paula has worked as an RN – in every area from the Neonatal/Pediatric ICU to Obstetrics, Newborn Nursery, Psychiatry, and a Retirement Village. She’s currently a freelance health care project consultant, a casual but passionate writer, and a sassy editor. These days, she is especially proud of her reputation as a seriously unrepentant bookaholic, passionate about novels featuring complex romantic relationships, mystery, suspense, humor, hope, a healthy dose of unadulterated lust, and a bit hit of the paranormal.

She loves cooking & trying new recipes; sipping French & California sparkling wines; feasting on hot fudge sundaes & Cherry Garcia frozen yogurt; traveling, action-suspense movies with romantic subplots, comedies, books & book boyfriends; David Gandy; Jamie Dornan; philosophical arguments; writing; editing; art; and laughing inappropriately at the worst possible time (not necessarily in that order).

Paula’s debut novel: Synopsis …

Where-AngelsSleepFinal-200x300Matt St. Clair is an angry, bitter, broken man; a man without hope, faith or purpose. But he wasn’t always that way. Once the Chief Resident at a major university Trauma Center, he was a committed family man, married to his high school sweetheart, with a beautiful daughter, loving family and friends, and a bright future ahead.

Until, in a tragic twist of fate, he lost it all.

In the aftermath, a toxic blend of grief and guilt sent his life spiraling out of control, taking everything, leaving only shadows and demons in its wake. Convinced that there was nothing and no one with the power to heal him, he decided to end it all. But first there was one final stop to make — to ask forgiveness, say his last goodbye, and find peace with his decision.

Little did he know that another twist of fate was waiting in the wings. In the least likely place, on the brink of self-destruction, Matt meets a couple of strangers who will challenge everything he’s come to believe about life, love and family. All it will take is a leap of faith and a spark of hope – two things that have eluded him for the past three years.

To save himself, can he risk loving and losing again?

Where Angels Sleep is a dark but hopeful inspirational romance with a faint hint of the paranormal. Due to mature themes, adult language and sexual content, it is most appropriate for readers over the age of 18.

If you fancy a sneak peak at this work in progress (and it does sound worth a peak doesn’t it) Paula has made an excerpt available on her blog.


To find out more about Paula’s work and follow her on her journey to bring “Where Angels Sleep” to publication check out one (or all) of the following links:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/paula.radell.author
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lady_LovesBooks
Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/+PaulaRadell1880
And of course her website where you can find out more about 
Paula and her work:  http://www.paula-writes.com/

Good luck on your journey to complete this book Paula… I look forward to reading it 🙂


18 thoughts on “#PIF #RRBC Meet Paula Radell

  1. *waving hi to both of you* How wonderful to learn about Paul and for you to feature her during PIF. I love the fact she’s an “unrepentant bookaholicc” something I can definitely relate to. And debut novels are so exciting. Wishing you the very best with your release, Paula. You sound like one extremely busy and talented person!

  2. Lovely to have a chance to get to know Paula a little better – and great to read about her publishing journey that’s about to bear fruit… Kudos! 😀 Thanks for having us over Dawn 😉

  3. Thank you so much for this feature – I am overwhelmed with your kindness! I feel like I’m part of a great community and appreciate all the words of support. It will bring me great comfort when I’m staring at my computer screen wondering if I’ll ever make it to hit ‘publish’! xo

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 RRBC certainly is an amazing and unique community – you will find a wonderful level of support from there 🙂

      Oh and now you HAVE to publish… we’re all waiting for it – and it would be criminal to let that gorgeous cover artwork go to waste 🙂

      • Thank you, again, for your comment on the cover, especially – it relieves one of the many worries about getting the book noticed by readers. And I had a good weekend of writing, so I feel more confident than I have in months – literally. I appreciate the #RRBC community more every day. Have a wonderful week.

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