NaNoWriMo 2015

So November 1st has arrived and that means a 30-day slog to get 50,000 words written which will (hopefully) create the backbone of a novel.NanoLogo

I must confess I dont feel as confident about hitting the target as I did last year – as for the first year I spent most of it behind the goal with no belief I would ever get to the finish line in time.

As with all things there is only one way to get to the end and that’s to make a start. Even the greatest novel ever had to begin somewhere and this new one begins funnily enough in exactly the same place as my first book “Assaie’s Gift” – in the heavens with the three Goddesses Aalgeth, Anfare and Assaie.

Wish me look as I head out on the Nanowrimo journey of “Assaie’s Awakening”.

Oh and if any fellow participant wants to add me as a buddy on Nano that would be cool 🙂

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