I Hero: The Beginning – Book Review

It’s time for another book review and this time it’s the turn of:

I Hero: The Beginning by Jason Zandri

Book Blurb: An everyday man, living less than ordinary life in New York City, simply makes his way about his work life and one at home. A kind heart and an empathetic soul, who tended to think of others before he thought of himself.

heroWith his childhood totally left behind and gone with the final resting of his father, Nathan has come to terms with his past as he forges his life in the present, unaware of what lies ahead.

An unlikely friendship, a random act of violence, a budding romance, all part of a life changed.

“When it’s your time, there’s nothing you can do to change that outcome. The only thing you can do is meet it head on. You have to hope that the life you had with others, while you were here, has made a positive impact.” – Brian Devron

“Where there is darkness, you are light. Where others know fear, you will be brave. When there are setbacks, you will persevere. Where others find weakness, you bring strength. Where there is despair, you are hope. Where cowardice falls, you rise courageously. Where others do not have the ability to believe, you have faith. You will suffer, so that others will endure. You will triumph where others would fall.” – Cici Johnson

“This is it; it all changes tonight. Anything I do tonight, at a minimum, is going to at least expose all of this to the world.” – Nathan Devron

Rating: 4/5

My Thoughts: Are you a fan of super heroes? Do you enjoy a spot of Marvel or those of a similar ilk? If so then this book is one for you.

Nathan Devron is a nice ordinary guy, emphasis on the “nice”… he’s one of the few people who has time to spare for the crazy old homeless woman he sees on the way into work each morning, so much so that he always takes her a sandwich to make sure she eats at least once a day. He has a normal life, normal friends and never expects anything abnormal to ever happen to him.

So what changes? Well just about everything! After a sad but seemingly unremarkable event Nathan’s life will never be the same again as he becomes the proud owner of a selection of superhuman powers.

This first book (and it is the sort of story that warrants sequels, which I am glad to see are already happening) deals mainly with Nathan acquiring and then learning to deal with his special powers, with a little bit of romance thrown in for good measure.

As all good superheroes know, or learn, having such gifts can also be a curse.

One unusual element of this story, marking it as quite different to your usual superhero tale, is the revelation of where these powers come from and, while not wanting to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read, I have to say I was quite surprised but Jason blends it into the overall story well and it gives the tale an added dimension.

All in all a fun and enjoyable read and well worth grabbing a copy 🙂

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