Nearly Nano Time

Oh dear I do appear to have skipped a couple of weeks posts haven’t I? I’m sure everyone missed me 😉

So – as the title of this post says – it’s nearly Nano time. For one month a group of like-minded writers (aka nutters) will sit around and attempt to write 50,000 words in November.

There will be those sort of writers who are now carefully planning their novel, structuring each character, chapter and scene so that when November 1st comes around they know exactly what they plan to write.

Then there are the other sort of writers – like me – who have this vague idea of a story and have just about got the character names sorted. I think my way can be more fun in some ways – I never really know where my writing will go – I might have a general story plan but when I get going the story can often decide to head off in a completely different direction!

AwakeningThis year I plan to write a prequel to my first Nano novel “Assaie’s Gift” so at least I have the advantage of knowing exactly where this one has to end up… but most of the journey still eludes me.

It’ll all work out right in the end though.. I expect 🙂

So what are you plans… do you even have any?

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