The importance of a review

Hello again my friends, how have we got to September already?? I don’t know where the time goes sometimes – it really does fly by.

So today I thought I would just share a few words on the importance of leaving reviews. It doesn’t matter if you read one book a year or one a week taking those FeedaWriter
couple of minutes to leave a quick review really does matter – especially when you’re reading work by an unknown and/or indy author.

If you think about it in the most basic terms – you’re looking for a new read – you’ve been drawn in by the title or cover or maybe a recommendation, then what? Chances are you’re going to look at the reviews – if a book has just the one or two people are going to assume they were written by friends or family (if they are good reviews of course), but the more reviews are posted the more of a genuine and rounded picture of the book in question you can get. If one person hates it but another twenty are raving about it then you’re going to feel more inclined to give it a go.

So next time you get to the end of a book on your kindle and it does that “before you go” thing where it asks you to leave a review why not do it? It costs nothing but a few seconds of your time but to the author it can mean the world.


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