Hangover – Short Story

Hello my dears, I hope the sun is shining for you this Sunday 🙂

Here’s a little story that came into my mind this week and you know what that’s like – once it’s in there it just has to come out 🙂


Her head was pounding like a steel drum player had been given free residence inside her skull and was celebrating with a very elaborately orchestrated overture.

hangoverWith a groan she raised a heavy, lethargic hand to her forehead, surprised it was relatively cool to the touch. Her eyes felt as if someone had smeared a line of super glue over her lashes, sealing them closed.

She rubbed them gently with the heel of her hand, prising her eyelids open just a fraction and instantly regretting it. The hint of daylight that was creeping through a minute gap in the curtains was as bright as a full torch beam shining directly into her pupils. Wincing she turned away, closing her eyes tightly once again.

Her mouth felt disgusting. Thick and stale. It was very possible that something had died in there overnight. Died, been resurrected and died again.

Her stomach gurgled a combination of nauseated hunger. She needed a drink, and painkillers, but that would involve leaving her bed and she wasn’t quite ready for that yet.

“Never again,” she vowed silently to herself.

Of course she’d made that promise before, many times, with every hangover. This was the worst though. She had never felt quite this bad before.

Pulling the duvet up over her head she tried to piece together the events of the night, horrified to realise just how many gaps in her memory there actually were. For a few minutes she wondered if it was possible someone had spiked her drink.

This had to be the worst hangover ever, no one could possibly have ever felt this badly before.

“Never, ever, again!”

It had started out a normal night out.

“Just a few quiet drinks.” That’s what her diminutive dark haired friend Carley had suggested, she should have known better. There was never ‘just’ when it came to alcohol and Carley. Despite her small stature Carley could drink most people she knew under the table and still greet the following morning bright eyed and bushy tailed.

The “few drinks” had turned into “just an hour” in the club. She had tried to resist but Carley was insistent.

“Come on,” she had said, fluttering her eyes pleadingly. “Please Aimes… don’t be boring… just come for an hour… I need a boogie…”

Amy had sighed and then relented, just like she always did.

The club had been the same mixture of music and people that is always had, they had had a few drinks and a few dances. None of that explained the horrendous nature of Amy’s current hangover.

There had been a guy. The corners of Amy’s mouth turned into a small smile as she recalled him. He wasn’t especially handsome, you could have easily passed him by on the street without a second glance, but if you did happen to take that second look then you might just see it. That “something”. That indefinable quality that made him a little more appealing than originally noticed.

Amy had taken a second look, and then a third, and when he looked back, his dark eyes somehow shining at her when he turned on the full beam of his smile she had felt her knees go to jelly and her heart raced that little bit faster.

They’d talked a little, and danced, but Amy couldn’t remember any more drinks so where the hell had this hangover come from?

And then..?

She couldn’t remember anything further, what was the and then?

Amy rubbed her eyes again and with a deep groan forced herself upright. She really did need those painkillers and a drink, and some food. Her hunger was suddenly so intense that getting out of bed had become the only option.

Dragging her arms into her dressing gown Amy shuffled her feet into slippers and then padded half dead into the kitchen.

Throwing open the fridge Amy looked at the selection of cold pizza and sandwich fillings, despite her hunger none of the food available appealed, if anything the thought of eating any of them increased the nausea deep in her stomach.

“Well look who’s finally up!” The bright all too cheerful voice in the doorway of the kitchen could only belong to one person and Amy felt a small snarl curl her lips at the sound of her friend’s clearly hangover-free voice. “How you feeling?” Carley asked as she stepped into the room.

Amy turned to face her friend without answering, Carley’s eyes widened as she saw just how bad her friend looked.

“Damn Aimes, you look like death, seriously… you look crap!”

Amy nodded, she could believe it, she certainly felt terrible so it stood to reason she was going to look terrible too. Of course Carley looked as fresh and bright as if she’s just spent the night at a salon rather than clubbing.

“Amy… you alright?” Carley moved towards her friend, obvious concern on her face at Amy’s lack of response. “I think you should go back to bed… I’ll bring you a drink or something.”

Amy should have appreciated her friend’s offer of help but instead she found it irritating. When had Carley become so pathetically annoying in Amy’s eyes? She couldn’t remember ever feeling that way before but now the small brunette was nothing to her.

The scream surprised Amy, she didn’t know at first where it had come from or what was causing it but it was loud and piercing and full or fear.

The nausea in Amy’s stomach passed quickly, the headache eased and then was gone and she felt better than she had ever done in her entire life.

Carley’s lifeless body fell to the floor, her face was so pale it was ashen as if all the blood had been drained from her. Two small puncture wounds in her neck the only visible wound, but it had been enough.

Amy wiped away a drop of blood that had split down her chin and smiled.

Now she could remember it all.

He had been more than just some guy in a club, he had been someone who offered to change her world, and he had.

Combing her hands through her hair Amy’s smile grew, life was about to get very interesting.

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