Cherished Blogfest

As part of the Cherished Blogfest I would like to introduce you to one of my most cherished possessions…

BearThis little fella has been in my possession for as long as I can remember – I can’t remember the day I got him so I imagine I must have been very little.

So, yes, he’s seen better days (haven’t we all) what was once white is now rather grey and some of his seams have had to be re-stitched over the years, well there was a time when he shared my bed and as such became my pillow, but I still cant imagine ever actually parting with him. He’s not worth a penny, to the rest of the world he’s just a tatty old panda but to me he’s a special little guy πŸ™‚


Please pop by some of the other blogs taking part in this blogfest and see what other cherished possessions there are out there πŸ™‚


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